“If you’d like to contribute to a start up that is currently shifting from development to production phase, and you find it challenging to think beyond the borders and add values from previous experiences, then this is the job for you.”

Product / Project Engineer (Mechanical Engineering)

Alkmaar, Fulltime

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What the job as Product/Project Engineer is all about:
As a Product/Project Engineer at Blue Heart Energy, you are responsible for moving product optimisations into production. You work on component level that is used for our heat pumps. You manage aspects including development, calculations, production, theory and research. You work with suppliers and write specifications and documentation to control the development. You look at new concepts and solutions and research them thoroughly, together with an (external) engineering team. The goal is to find multiple suppliers that can be valuable for the production of the heat pump. Therefore, it is important that you have strong communication skills, so that you are able to explain the added value of Blue Heart Energy and the product to these suppliers. And you discuss with the suppliers whether their technology can be applied to our product and how. When you have designed and optimized the concept together with the supplier(s), you present that to the project team or steering board so that the actual development can begin. You also take a part in this development stage and testing solutions, but the focus lies on coming up with better solutions together with the project team and the suppliers. You are part of the Engineering team and work closely together with, the Sales team and the Research team.

What do you actually do:

35% Designing suitable concepts and solutions

35% Finding and cooperating with suppliers

15% Debating requirements with the team

10% Summarizing, explaining and documenting conclusions

5% Project management

practical example of your work as an Product/Project Engineer:
“You have to research technologies for the concept or component. How do you proceed?”

You have to do research to find suppliers that will likely be of high value. After you have found some interesting suppliers, you reach out to them, pitch the company and product, and have initial talks on this. To support this, you can exchange some engineering data to gain an understanding of how suitable the solution is (or not). If you are still interested in working with this supplier, you can ask for a quotation or letter of intent, to see which prices and timeline they can offer. Based on this information, you decide if this supplier and Blue Heart Energy are a good match.

What a good day looks like:

“On an enjoyable day, I have enough time to take in what has been said in a meeting and act on it.”

What a not such a good day looks like:

“A less enjoyable day is one full of meetings. Because of this, I cannot work on anything in-depth.”

Working at Blue Heart Energy
Blue Heart Energy was founded in 2016 to apply thermoacoustics as a technology in heat pumps. Thermoacoustics is a disruptive approach to generate heat and cold, with potential to revolutionize the whole industry. Over the past five years, BHE has developed a thermoacoustic engine to power heat pumps in residential buildings. This so called ‘Blue Heart’ of a heat pump is sold to manufacturers. In the coming years, Blue Heart will have to be further developed and optimized. Besides this, we must set up our production and strengthen the relationships with our customers.

What’s asked of our new Product/Project Engineer

  • Master degree Mechanical Engineering
  • Experience with mass production techniques of for example heat exchanges and technical calculations
  • Creative and good with suppliers on a technical and commercial level
  • Good command of the English language
  • Able to work independent and in a team
  • Able to think outside of the box

What’s in it for you:

  • €3.000 – €5.000 gross p/m
  • Phantom-share bonus system
  • 40 hour workweek
  • 25 vacation days
  • Laptop, simcard for EU & US, and hybrid working

Growth opportunities
The growth path at Blue Heart Energy is not fixed. The company expects to grow very quickly in the coming years, which will give opportunities all those who want it. BHE supports training and courses, and sharing knowledge is very important among employees. The main advantage of the start up phase is that you can create your own job. If Blue Heart Energy grows fast, you grow with them.

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