“If you like to get to the bottom of cases by going into details, and if you do not mind having diverse tasks meaning that you have to be good at prioritizing, then this is a job for you.”

Research & Validation Engineer

Alkmaar, fulltime

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What the job as Research & Validation Engineer is all about:

As a Research & Validation Engineer at Blue Heart Energy, you are responsible for making and verifying thermoacoustic technology models that improve the performance of electrically powered heat pumps. You manage this by using existing models, and possibly adjusting them, to answer questions from the thermoacoustic point of view. In this way, you can guide the Engineers who are designing new systems. Besides this, you adjust and make new models to better predict system and component performance, to both prepare for engineering questions and suggest better system and component designs. At the moment, there is already a good technical basis; it is up to you to expand and improve this. Therefore, it is important that you have some experience with mathematical programming, for example in Matlab and/or Python. In MATLAB you can also process and analyse the experimental data. You work closely together with the two other Research and Validation Engineers who have experience in thermoacoustics. Besides this, you will regularly be in touch with the Program Manager.

What do you actually do:

20% Modeling for engineering purposes

20% Modeling for research purposes

20% Process and analyze experimental data in MATLAB

15% Perform experiments on system prototypes/components

10% Managing ongoing projects

5% Adjust measuring codes in MATLAB

5% General Meetings

5% Program management

practical example of your work as an Research & Validation Engineer:
“An Engineer producing a new system has trouble with manufacturing a heat exchanger with the designed dimensions. How do you help him?”

The Engineer wants to know if the fin spacing can be increased for manufacturability, and if so, how that affects the component and system performance. On an engineering level, you discuss where the manufacturing troubles arise, and what the acceptable fin spacing would be. After that, you use the available modeling in Excel or MATLAB to analyze the critical consequences for the component and the total system performance. You check which variation in fin spacing is still allowed to meet the component and system specifications. It is important that you keep an open mind in possibly adjusting other dimensions of the heat exchanger as well, so that flexibility for the fin spacing arises. When all this is clear, you document concisely potential solutions. You discuss the results with the Engineer and agree on a solution.

What a good day looks like:

“On an enjoyable day, I don’t have any meetings which means I can have a long focus session with my team. We are very productive at analyzing experimental results.”

What a not such a good day looks like:
“On a less enjoyable day, you have multiple meetings with half an hour in between. Because of this, there is not enough free time to do anything useful, since for this you typically need at least more than an hour of scheduled time.”

Working at Blue Heart Energy

Blue Heart Energy was founded in 2016 to apply thermoacoustics as a technology in heat pumps. Thermoacoustics is a disruptive approach to generate heat and cold, with potential to revolutionize the whole industry. Over the past five years, BHE has developed a thermoacoustic engine to power heat pumps in residential buildings. This so called ‘Blue Heart’ of a heat pump is sold to manufacturers. In the coming years, Blue Heart will have to be further developed and optimized. Besides this, we must set up our production and strengthen the relationships with our customers.

What’s asked of our new Research & Validation Engineer

  • Master’s degree or PhD in physics, mechanical/aerospace engineering, or similar discipline
  • Expertise in at least two of the following areas: heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, acoustics and reliability
  • Experience with experimental test methodology and set-up
  • Experience with engineering modeling; Matlab/Simulink preferred
  • Proficient command of the English language
  • Interested in technology innovation, product development and building/communicating institutional knowledge
  • Able to work independently and in a team

What’s in it for you:

  • €3.000 – €5.500 gross p/m (based on knowledge and experience)
  • Phantom-share bonus system
  • 40 hour workweek
  • 25 vacation days
  • Laptop, simcard for EU & US, and hybrid working

Growth opportunities
The growth path at Blue Heart Energy is not fixed. The company expects to grow very quickly in the coming years, which gives opportunities to anyone who wants it. BHE supports training and courses and sharing knowledge is very important among employees. The main advantage of the phase the company is in now, is that you can create your own job. If Blue Heart Energy grows fast, you grow with them.

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